GET YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE - The book for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs. Want to be in control of your online presence? Remove the smoke and mirrors today!

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The book to get you online

Demystify the www world. There are very few businesses in today’s world that wouldn’t benefit form a successful website. This is the eBook that will not only get you online but ensure that searchers find you.


That’s the Wonder of Wordpress

Unashamedly we narrow the design options down to one – Wordpress. Do you want to learn HTML, PHP, Javascript and more? No, thought not. Just stand on the shoulders of giants …for free!


Oh, Oh, SEO .. it’s magic you know

Well ..There’s many people in the world-of-web that would like you to think it is. However, like magic in the real world, if you do what the experts tell you then magical results are achieved with simple application.


No one will beat a path to your door

If you want to get your business online no doubt you have an amazing product or service. The world and you will benefit .. but not if they don’t know where you are. Great design is important but not as much as being found.

If you want to be successful online then you want to be found on Google. More than that you want … no need to be found on page one. There are many routes to achieve that goal and some very quick (Black hat) methods seem worth the risk and investment – they’re not. Just do what Google likes .. it’s that simple.